BOXWOOD TOPIARY- Preserved  Topiaries.Boxwood .Balls, Bouquets, Cones, Cubes,

More Preserved Boxwood topiarys coming soon!

These preserved Boxwood topiaries, like all our preserved plants, are harvested, and we only take what we need, leaving each plant to continue growing thus preserving our natural resources. Each harvest undergoes a unique and secret process developed over 30 years ago that preserves each component in their original state. Some of our Boxwood topiaries are imported, and have to be misted periodically.   We create many beautiful and realistic arrangements using these preserved branches and leaves. Many of our plants are available using various types of exotic wood to create a arrangement that is truly one of a kind!

Since all plants are individually sculpted they will vary in appearance from the photos on the site, some of our Boxwoods are imported: All of our boxwood designs make great home accent pieces. Our boxwood topiaries, cones, wreaths and balls are all made from real boxwood that is specially treated for that natural look. Bring the outdoors inside with one of our boxwood home decor pieces. Boxwood wreaths can be used as wall hangings or placed on a table for a centerpiece, just add a candle and you're done. Fill a bowl with boxwood balls and add some accent items, or add ribbons to your boxwood topiaries and wreaths for that one of a kind look. Just mist occasionally and keep out of direct sunlight to maintain its lush natural appearance.

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