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Are your plants real?

All these products are real plants, field grown in nurseries in sunny Southern
California. They look real, feel real, and smell real, because they are real.

What makes these products so unique?

Each plant requires from 3 to 8 years to grow. Each plant is trimmed up to 5 times in the fields to create the topiary shapes. And as such, each one of our plants is unique and will vary in appearance from the images on the site. After harvest, they are subjected to a lengthy scientific preservation process that captures the essence of the living plant. Once preserved, they maintain their natural look, feel, and fragrance for years. No other product comes close to the quality of these superior preserved plants!

What maintenance is required?

No trimming, no watering, no spraying! No maintenance of any kind. Any dust
accumulation can be easily removed by blowing it off with an ordinary hair dryer.

How do you preserve your products?

The precise way that we preserve our plants is a closely guarded secret.

Can these plants be placed outside?

Many customers place their plants in shaded, protected areas. The plant should
be protected from the sun and rain. All palm products must be placed indoors.

How long will my plant last?

We have plants that are 15 years old and still look great! As a policy we guarantee
them for 3 years. We ship over 20,000 plants a year and have a great customer
service rating. We stand behind our fine products.

Are your plants expensive?

Compared to the cost of maintaining and replacing the same variety of living
plants over many years, decorating with preserved plants is less expensive than
using live plants.

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